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Indo-Fijian people.

Quantitative evidence is presented on secular changes in the height of adult Fijians and Indo-Fijians during the past century. Consideration is also given to changes in the tempo of maturation and in the sexual dimorphism of height of these two groups. Download to read the full article text. Bielicki, T. Physical growth as a measure of the economic well-being of populations: the twentieth century.

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The nonelected interim government appointed after the release of the hostages has now been declared unconstitutional, the man who was declared the legitimate president has resigned, and the country waits while the courts determine whether to dissolve parliament and conduct new general elections. The interim government includes no officials from the deposed government, which seeks reinstatement.

But a fuller understanding of the recent instability in Fiji requires analysis of its demographic, economic, and political complexities. The problem with many Pacific Islands states is not so much that they are prone to falling apart, but rather that they were never fully put together. Barriers of culture and religion separate indigenous Fijians and Fijians of Indian ancestry, and the two groups have extremely low rates of intermarriage.

The coup was ostensibly conducted in the name of indigenous rights to counter Indo-Fijian political power represented by the one-year-old government of Prime Minister Chaudhry. Yet now-imprisoned coup leader George Speight pressed his demands in defiance of the commander of the overwhelmingly indigenous Fijian armed forces, as well as the Great Council of Chiefs the supreme repository of traditional power.

Changes in traditional land-tenure arrangements lie at the heart of many contemporary disputes in the islands. More than 80 percent of all land in Fiji is still held under traditional tenure by indigenous Fijian land-owning groups, and land-related legislation cannot be changed without the consent of the Great Council of Chiefs.

Indigenous Fijian landowners wanted either to farm the land themselves or to receive higher rents with shorter leases. Indo-Fijian farmers sought to renew leases for at least 50 years, gain greater certainty about landlord-tenant rights, and receive compensation for land improvements in cases when leases were not renewed. A new approach to development has accentuated these tensions.

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SUVA, Fiji AP — The man who first seized power in a military coup then refashioned himself as a legitimate leader appears set to rule Fiji for another four years. Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and his FijiFirst party were headed for a convincing election win early Thursday as votes were tallied. Bainimarama has ruled the island nation since his coup, and won his first election in after returning democracy to the country.

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Human nature explains that man has an inborn appetite for sex. Teenagers today are vulnerable to committing sexual acts. The study aimed to examine the perceptions of the Indo-Fijian and iTaukei women on the practice of pre-marital sex. A descriptive design of research was utilized in the study. The survey questionnaires were distributed to 10 iTaukei and 10 Indo-Fijian females as respondents.

The study was conducted at the University of Fiji. The results of the study revealed that iTaukei and Indo-Fijian women have different perception on premarital sex. There are many factors that affect their perception such as religion, mass media, educational attainment, friends and family background.

The research showed that students need some information on comprehensive sex education to minimize the problem of teenage pregnancy, abortion, promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases. Human nature and life explains that man has an inborn appetite for sex. Human sex is not confined to genitals or even to purely physical contact. For humans, sex is a seriously complicated and totally bio-cultural act.

It is never just about biological processes, ever.

Secular changes in the height of fijians and indo-fijians

November 18, Located thousands of miles away in the South Pacific Ocean, but kindred in spirit, Fiji, a string of plus stunningly picturesque coral islands, is intimately linked with India by over , persons of Indian origin who have made this Pacific nation their home for over a century. Kindling new fire in old ties Call it the Pacific Bonding, if you like. This will be the first prime ministerial visit from India to Fiji after Indira Gandhi visited the Pacific nation 33 years ago in The warmth in India-Fiji ties under the new dispensation in Suva is palpable.

The Indian migrants remained, primarily on the two main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. By the s, Indo-Fijians made up the majority of the population.

Between and Fiji experienced four coups in which Governments were overthrown by their military forces or parts of it. After the fourth coup in December old metropolitan friends such as Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the EU responded with travel sanctions, cancellation of military cooperation and frozen development assistance. When Fiji was politically isolated it fostered secondary political friendships of olden days and established new ones. To understand IR in the context of Fiji and India it is essential to look at both countries, their interests and agency.

Looking at Fiji alone would leave the question unanswered, why Indian Governments had an interest to cooperate with the country in the Pacific Islands despite hard-core nationalist anti-Indian sentiments and politics pursued in Fiji after the coup of Recently viewed 0 Save Search. Looking north or looking anywhere? Author: Eberhard Weber 1.

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Received date: 17/04/; Accepted date: 27/06/; Published date: 10/07/ The study aimed to examine the perceptions of the Indo-Fijian and iTaukei.

Most Indo-Fijians are the descendants of indentured laborers brought to Fiji during the nineteenth century by the British. In the system of indentured labor, workers who had been moved to a new country against their will were forced to perform a job for little or no pay until they earned enough money to buy their freedom.

The system was created to provide cheap workers for British colonies after the abolition of slavery in Britain and its colonies in The first indentured laborers from India arrived in Fiji in and the indenture system lasted until Other immigrants from India arrived in Fiji in the early twentieth century, and they opened small shops in the coastal towns. The Fijian archipelago string of islands is located in the western Pacific Ocean. The climate of Fiji is tropical with plenty of rainfall, sunshine, and high humidity.

The largest islands within the island group are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The vast majority of Indo-Fijians reside on Viti Levu. Today, Indo-Fijians make up around 43 percent of the total population. Before the military coup of , Indo-Fijians made up close to 48 percent of the total population, but about 5 percent have moved to Australia, Canada, and the United States. In the s, Indo-Fijians outnumbered the indigenous Fijians.

Although Indian laborers could communicate fairly well, they had some difficulty at times being understood. Over time, a unified dialect emerged.

Fiji’s leader of 12 years headed for convincing election win

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also an activity dominated by Europeans, using indigenous Fijian and Indo-. Fijian labour. According to Spate, “this date at latest may be taken as marking.

Since their arrival in the British colony as sugar plantation labourers, Indo-Fijian activists led counter hegemonic movements against the colonial government during and after indenture in , and Indo-Fijian activists demanded political equality with Europeans and constantly agitated for better wages and living conditions through disruptive strikes and boycotts. After independence, the focus of Indo-Fijians shifted to political equality with indigenous Fijians and access to land leases from indigenous landowners on reasonable terms; and these were ongoing themes in the , and elections.

However, Indo-Fijian counter hegemony took a new form in with the formation of the multiracial Fiji Labour Party and National Federation Party coalition government but indigenous Fijian nationalists and the military deposed the government and established discriminatory policies against Indo-Fijians which were dismantled by the Fiji Labour Party-led coalition government in However, indigenous nationalists regrouped and deposed the government in , prompting another round of protests and resistance from Indo-Fijians.

Using Gramscian conceptualisation of counter hegemony as disruptive protest, resistance and dissent, I argue that political mobilisation of indentured labourers and their descendants was aimed at restoring political rights, honour, self-respect and dignity lost during colonial and post-colonial periods in Fiji. In this article, I argue that Indo-Fijian counter hegemony was in the form of mobilisation, based on assembling alternative ideas to create a culture of disruptive protests and rebellion against hegemonic social forces.

Indo-Fijian dissent aimed at elevating the voices of the exploited, marginalised, discriminated against and disenfranchised in a society preoccupied with ethnicity and race. In this regard, the history of Indo-Fijian counter hegemony in Fiji is narrated within the historical structure of protests, boycotts and strikes and constant political agitation.

Introduction to the Indo-Fijians

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Indo-Fijian people. Creation Date. between and Photographer. Lambert, Sylvester Maxwell, Location Of Originals.

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Indian Fijian Gets Refugee Status

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As well as stating that intermarriage “remains very rare,” a New York Times article further reported that, “while Indian men sometimes date Fijian.

Patrick D. One that is hidden, almost forgotten, yet one that recent research is helping bring out from the shadows. Fiji is not known for its hill forts, but it was not so long ago that they were almost ubiquitous. The evidence for people having once occupied mountain tops in Fiji is plentiful yet today barely known and hardly studied. This evidence hits you the first time you see it. You are on a perspiring, muscle-aching uphill walk along one of the steep-sided volcanic ridge lines when suddenly the ground in front of you unexpectedly drops away.


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Although many Indo-Fijians remain humble cane farmers, others now dominate Fiji’s commercial sector. The indigenous, largely village-based Fijian ‘nation’ is.

Fiji in detail. Fiji has been an important Pacific crossroads over the centuries, and its culture reflects the manifold influences that have touched the nation. Indigenous island culture, based on the communal values of the village still holds sway, rubbing up against sometimes with friction the Indian culture brought by indentured labourers, and the influences of Western colonialists in everything from Christianity to rugby. Since Fijian independence, there have frequently been tensions between Fiji’s two main communities — those of island descent and those from the Indian communities who settled in the islands in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

These tensions have spilled over into disputes over who holds political power and whether all communities are equal in the eyes of the law. Until , Fiji was divided into ‘indigenous Fijians’ and ‘Indo-Fijians’, with only the former officially allowed to call themselves Fijian. Under current law, all citizens are finally now referred to as being Fijian, with the appellation iTaukei used to refer to members of the original native community.

Few visitors will spend time in Fiji without being offered to join a kava ceremony at least once. This drink more correctly called yaqona, and colloquially called ‘grog’ is made from an infusion of powdered roots from Piper methysticum, a type of pepper plant.

IN EXILE AT HOME-A Fiji Indian Story