Everything That’s Wrong With The “Fat Suit” Tinder Experiment

Being overweight may be a deal breaker for some guys when it comes to dating. Girls, maybe not so much. The video hosts claim that the number-one fear for women who are online dating is being matched with a serial killer, while the top fear for men is meeting a woman who’s overweight. They decided to put that theory to the test by recruiting their friend Sarah to line up a few dates using her real Tinder profile, which features photos of her looking fit and healthy—but then don a fat suit when she met the guys in person. Though it’s probably shocking for anyone to show up to a first date and find that the person they’re meeting is pounds heavier than they were expecting, the men in this video could have done a better job of hiding their surprise, to put it lightly. One guy asked Sarah—who was friendly and perky toward all her potential paramours—if she was pregnant; another told her, “I don’t mean to be rude, but in your pictures you’re a lot skinnier.

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This mum’s amazing viral trick will combat sandy toes after a beach trip. Here are the anti-racism charities you can support around the UK and the US. A survey has revealed that a woman’s worst fear about online dating is organising a date with a serial killer. To test the theory, a slim blonde woman called Sarah arranged dates with several guys on Tinder after they checked out the array of hot bikini photos attached to her profile.

But, when she turns up for the dates, she looks completely different – and it’s all thanks to some makeup and a fat suit.

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The catch: Their profile pictures showed svelte, bathing suit-clad bodies. But when they finally met their potential amours, they looked very different — a fact that nearly all dates, both male and female, commented on. All but one man ditched his date. On the other hand, all but one woman stayed with her date, even though he was rude to nearly all of them at one point in their meeting. While the social experiment focused on a minuscule portion of the millions of Americans about 11 percent of U.

More than half of those who have dabbled in digital dating say they felt their date seriously misrepresented themselves in their profile, according to a survey by Pew Research Center. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. By: Samantha Tata. Simple Pickup sent a man and a woman out on several dates with people they met through the app.

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In fact, my Craigslist ad I’m an old was all, “I’m fat, I’m smarter than you, and I have a pit bull who sleeps in my bed and she’s not getting out. Who’s in?! And yet, hella dudes were in. Recently, a video went viral of a skinny woman in a fat suit going on Tinder dates.

Tinder Fat-Suit Social Experiment. Social Experiment Reveals Which Gender Is More Shallow Dating Online. Author picture of Tara Block.

Women are scared of serial killers. So YouTube pranksters Simple Pick launched a social experiment using Tinder users as their test subjects. Before the dates, however, she dons prosthetics and a fat suit to appear considerably heavier. Why should they be? And of all the dating sites out there, Tinder is one of the most appearance-based. Considering how angry people get when Amazon sends them the wrong book, we can only imagine how upset these guys were with their not-as-advertised date.

If a woman was 40 years older than the woman in her photo, those dates would have likely ended poorly, too. The pranksters tried to even the score by reversing the experiment , fattening up a male Tinder user before he met his unsuspecting dates. Perhaps surprisingly, the girls stuck around. Instead the majority left during the date. The other version where the guy wears the fat suit, the girls stick around, and two of them even plan dates.

Blew my mind honestly.

How men reacted to a ‘Fat Girl Tinder Date’

Savannah Whitley October 1, It is no surprise that when it comes to meeting someone on the Internet, there is potential stretching of the truth and a lot of balancing expectations with reality. When turning on the computer, a complete stranger can essentially become anyone they would like to be. So, why is online dating any different?

The difference is the fear of meeting a complete stranger varies between men and women.

Over the years online dating sites have become quiet popular. Recently, the matchmakers have made it so easy to connect that they’ve made an app for your​.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. The Dissenter. Two, the bigger problem is the deception. Three, you know damn well Tinder folks are shallow and guys are more visual and blunt. What’d you expect? Just really a setup at the end of the day. Originally Posted by hawaiiancoconut. Originally Posted by TheHurricaneKid. What’s wrong with asking that question? Fat people can have bear children, too. Thats something you just dont ask a woman, unless she tells you shes prego.

The Appalling Responses To A Woman Who Wore A Fat Suit To Meet Her Tinder Dates

Here are the first few paragraphs. Go read the rest! Last month, the Internet exploded with disgust at the results of a social experiment that tested how men would react when their date showed up looking markedly larger than her photos had suggested on the popular dating app, Tinder. When it came time to meet her dates, the girl donned a fat suit, makeup and prosthetics to make her appear obese.

When it comes to online dating meeting someone in person that looks dramatically different from their profile is a man’s worst nightmare while for a woman it’s.

The woman, Sarah, set up a number of dates in Los Angeles using dating app Tinder and pictures of herself at her real, thin weight, then donned a fat suit to meet with the men as part of the “social experiment” by group Simple Pickup. The woman receives many comments about how she looks “so much different” from her pictures, which she tells her dates were taken “about 6 months ago.

One of the men snuck away while claiming to visit “the restroom” while another said he was “married” and walked off. The sole man who stayed to the end of the date was treated to the reveal that Sarah was actually wearing a fat suit and secretly filming the encounters. The Simple Pickup group conducted the same experiment using a man in a fat suit and found vastly different results — not all of the women were pleased, but at least none of them left prematurely. Ben Hooper Read This Next.


Fat Suit Tinder Experiment [VIDEO]

This means, though, that even though I spent two and a half of the past three years in a relationship, I was still dating the whole time. My weapon of choice is OkCupid, because the design is great, I love the matching algorithm, and it seems to be the most populated by interesting, thoughtful, attractive people, and is especially dense with nonmonogamous folk. This is my most important piece of advice.

I took control of my dating fate, and took steps towards having the experiences I actually wanted. And, what do you know, my luck changed overnight. Take control of your own narrative.

George Zimmerman banned from Tinder dating app No luck on dating apps? 3 ways to WATCH: Attractive woman and man wear fat suits on first dates.

Local News. Weather Traffic U. Station Info. Follow Us:. Share Tweet Email. Share: Share Tweet Email. First let’s see how the men reacted to a women who was seemingly much heavier than they thought. What would you do if you showed up for a date and the person you were meeting was significantly heavier than in their pictures?

According to this social experiment, women would be much more likely to give it a shot. To do this experiment, a group of friends said they hired two attractive actors–one male and one female–and then set them up on dates using the dating app Tinder.

Fat Guy Tinder Date (Social Experiment)